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Verhuisbedrijven, verladers en particulieren die hun goederen van of naar overzeese bestemmingen willen transporteren, WFR regelt het voor U, van A tot Z met alles wat er tussenin ligt.
World Freight Relocations BV weet wat er komt kijken bij het Importeren en Exporteren van verhuisgoederen en commerciële ladingen!

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World Freight Relocations BV
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Van 5 Sirelo reviews
0% van de gebruikers beveelt dit verhuisbedrijf aan
Dit verhuisbedrijf scoort met 79 reviews een 7,2 op andere platforms.
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if i could go back in time and change one thing about my life it would be to never have had to deal with malicious, lying, stealing, extortion-committing, horrible excuse for a company. there is not one single redeeming quality about them. STAY AWAY!! they will take all your stuff and basically hold it for ransom and keep sending you bills. if you have a question dont even bother asking because they will send you the same roundabout answer every time offering no information what so ever. i didnt chose to use this company, they were partnered with another company that i had chosen. had i known they would have partnered with them i would have taken my business elsewhere cause this is most dismal company ever. they are currently still in possession of everything that i own and im mentally preparing myself to pretty much have to start over with everything cause heaven only knows if i will ever get my stuff (its been months) or if i do get any of it back what sort of condition it will be in. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND RUN AWAY!!
no communication
Verhuisd van Bristol (Verenigde Staten) naar Tampere (Finland)
I must also write in English -- the worst shipping or moving experience of my life. It was many months late and half our things were smashed to bits. As if they dropped it off the top of a building. A 9x12 rug went missing and no one took responsibility. BEWARE WFR!
Verhuisd van New York (Verenigde Staten) naar Mouries (Frankrijk)
Hi, I have to write in English: my worst experience!!! If I could select zero out of them I would have done it.

My container has been delivered more than 1 month later than it supposed to be, extremely poor communication by [name removed by Sirelo]. She was not answering to my emails, when she was doing it, the information shared were useless and always after 10pm, I do not recall how many excuses she did use to justify the delay ....

I had to explain several times to her how prepare the custom clearance documents because she did not have any idea about it.

The delivery has been caustic as well, truck was too big for the location. We had to remove a fence in order to access with the vehicle and be able to unload the boxes. The delivery was communicated in the afternoon but actually arrived end of afternoon. Luckily, I organized the delivery to a storage facility and we managed to finish to unload all the boxes at 2100 .... if we had to do it in a house / apartment we could have finished at midnight

The same bad experience has been described in this website by two other people

Very simple, do not use worldfreightrelocations for your relocations!
Verhuisd van Ras Al Khaimah (Verenigde Arabische Emiraten) naar Morbio Inferiore (Zwitserland)
Have to write in English, sorry!
Just horrible. Slow. No communication. Dealt with Esmerelda, who can't be bothered to respond to emails without three follow up emails and then tells you nothing except that your delivery still isn't coming. Got about a month of excuses for why it took them so long to get the goods through customs, and now for the second week in a row Esmerelda still doesn't have more information than 'we are still working on our next combination truck... will advise the delivery date asap.' When I followed up (three follow ups later) I got the same answer again. It's possible 'asap' stands for something different in the Netherlands because it sure as hell doesn't mean this company is treating our delivery with anything resembling urgency. Hell, at this point I'd settle for just a regular level of customer service, not even the supposed 'VIP' service that I was promised when we had earlier problems with another apsect of our shipment. In short: don't use this company if you can avoid it.
Verhuisd van Ny (Verenigde Staten) naar Paris (Frankrijk)
De container met onze inboedel was in een verkeerd gedeelte van de haven in Turkije gelost. En kon zodoende niet worden ingeklaard door de douane. World Freight Relocations heeft op geen enkele wijze gezorgt dat deze fout werdt gecorrigeerd en de fout erkend. Het enige wat men heeft gedaan is ons doorverwijzen naar een contactpersoon in Turkije.
De container heeft door deze fout veel langer dan gebruikelijk in de haven gestaan. Zelf moesten wij heel veel bellen en organiseren om de container in Dalyan te krijgen. Tevens moesten wij in totaal door deze fout ongeveer 2500 euro extra betalen. En kregen pas na 8 weken onze container in Dalyan

Er kan altijd wat fout gaan met een transport maar het gaat er om hoe een fout wordt gecorrigeerd. WFR heeft dit nagelaten.

Ik zou nooit meer met deze verhuizer zaken willen doen.
De container is netjes volgens afspraak opgehaald.
Zeer slechte communicatie.
Bij problemen is men niet thuis.
Verhuisd van Hoofddorp (Nederland) naar Dalyan (Turkije)

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