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At Gosselin Mobility, they provide worldwide relocation and moving services for domestic, long distance and international moves.

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Hoe onderscheidt jouw bedrijf zich?

Communicatiom. We try answer al questions quickly and honour commitments. We always give an honest answer and try to correctly manage expectations.

Wat is je verzekeringspolis? Hoe ga je om met beschadigde artikelen?

The insurance is arranged through a large insurance company and damages are monitored internally. This prevents having to deal with long delays you can have with a claim department at an insurance broker.

Wat is het beste advies dat je klanten zou geven?

Check the quotation. What is included and what is excluded? Did everyone quoted based on the same volume? Which mover made me feel right at home?
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 op Sirelo
Goed verzorgt van deur tor deur, met duidelijke communication. Alle goederen professioneel ingepakt en zonder schade aangekomen, en dat alles voor een redelijke prijs.
Verhuisd van Assen (Nederland) naar Canberra (Australië)
 op Sirelo
I found the service from start to finish very smooth, every one involved very efficient. I would recommend you without reserve.
Voorzichtig met meubelen
Verhuisd van St Sevrin D'estissac (Frankrijk) naar New Gloucester (Verenigde Staten)
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Thanks so much for your positive feedback.
 op Sirelo
Fantastische service, altijd bereikbaar en zeer ervaren internationale verhuizers. Bij elke stap leggen ze alles uit zodat je altijd weet waar je aan toe bent. Alle opties worden ook doorgenomen zodat je ook de beste keuze voor je verhuizing kunt maken. Een top bedrijf om mee te werken!
Verhuisd van Schoonhoven (Nederland) naar Manchester, New Hampshire (Verenigde Staten)
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Dank u wel voor uw positieve review.
 op Sirelo
Geweldige ervaring. Professioneel ingepakt, constante updates, professioneel uitgepakt en NIKS beschadigd. TOP!!!
Verhuisd van Veghel (Nederland) naar Tomball (Verenigde Staten)
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Many thanks for your positive feedback.
 op Sirelo
Overall an excellent experience. My consultant, [Name removed by Sirelo], was responsive, thorough, and very patient with my questions about the process. All of the in-person interactions I had were pleasant and the moving guys were very efficient. I was kept well informed at each stage in terms of planning, shipping, customs, etc. And at each stage, I always knew who I could contact if I had questions or needed an update. Price was fair and service quality was high. I highly recommend using this company.
Verhuisd van Den Haag (Nederland) naar Bayonne (Verenigde Staten)
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Many thanks for your positive feedback.
 op Sirelo
Everything went perfectly well, it was a real nice experience form end to end.
At first I was worried like everyone I guess, I was not even sure the company was real to be honest.
It was the fist time I moved overseas and need such a moving company, sending anything by container this far was kind of a challenge to say the least, but I got reassured during the whole process, from the quotation to the delivery.
To give you an idea of how it went, here are the steps I went through (and you will most probably will too):
- The quotation, based on the volume you send over.
- The acceptation and the payment (by bank transfer in my case).
- The pickup of your things.
- The loading in a container, it's journey to its destination and its unloading.
- The delivery by a local moving company (selected by Gosselin).
All these in 3 months in total, quite a performance if you ask me as I moved 11000 km away.
Something you need to know too is that absolutely nothing got damaged during the process, nothing rusted, everything was in a mint condition, exactly the way it was before sending everything over. I took good care of packing everything as best as possible though, but this is something that needs to be said.
I got updated during the whole process and had a tracking number related to the container, overall I had no moment when I asked myself where were my things and this is really nice if you ask me.
Obviously I would recommend this company to my friends and relatives, and based on my experience I would gladly call them back and do business again with them.
To you (I shouldn't name you unfortunately, but you will recognize yourself) who helped me through the whole process, thank you very much, I won't forget those three months for sure and you made everything look easier.
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Verhuisd van Perpignan (Frankrijk) naar Singapore (Singapore)
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Thank you for your positive feedback.

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